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The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course

Course Summary

Learn Excel VBA from scratch with Dan Strong! I've trained over 19K students on YouTube, check it out!

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    Course Syllabus

    • The Range Object
      • Intro and Course Workbooks download
      • Get the Developer Tab and Intro to Developer Tab
      • How to Leave a Udemy Review
      • Getting started with Range object
      • Creating Your First Macro From Scratch
      • Adding a Secondary Command. . .
      • Debugging in Excel VBA
      • Saving a Macro-Enabled Workbook (.xlsm)
      • Several Ways to trigger your Macro
      • Affecting Multiple Cells with One Range Command - 2 Methods
      • Adding Strings of Text to a Cell
      • Using a Named Range with the Range Object
      • Range Object Quiz
    • Range Properties
      • .VALUE Property
      • .TEXT Property
      • .ROW and .COLUMN Properties
      • .SELECT Property
      • .COUNT Property
      • .ADDRESS Property
      • .FORMULA Property
      • .NUMBERFORMAT Property
      • FONT.BOLD, UNDERLINE or ITALIC Properties
      • Properties Quiz
    • The Cells Object
      • The Cells Object
      • Using Column Letters instead of Numbers
      • Using Cells Positionally within a Range
      • Affecting ALL Cells in a Worksheet
      • Using Range Object with Cells Object
      • Cells Quiz
    • Variables
      • Intro to Variables
      • Declaring Variables - Variable Types
      • Declaring Variables - Types Demo
      • Calling a Procedure from Another
      • Public and Private Variables
      • Using Constants
      • Variables Quiz
    • Toolbars and Menus
      • File Menu walkthrough
      • Edit Menu walkthrough
      • View Menu walkthrough
      • View Menu2 - Watch Window, Locals Window and Immediate Window
      • Watch Window Wonders!
      • Insert and Format Menus
      • Debug Menu (Important!)
      • Run and Tools Menus
      • Toolbars Quiz
    • Super Important Tools and Excel Logic
      • Determining the Last Row in your Data Set
      • Determining the Last Column in your Data Set
      • Determining the Next Row in your Data Set
      • Recording a Macro
      • Absolute vs Relative References
      • Using With and End With
      • Comparison Operators in Excel VBA
      • If Then Statement
      • Using Is Not Equal To (<>)
      • Logical Operator, NOT
      • If, Then, Else Statement
      • If, Then, ElseIF Statement. . .
      • Comparitive Operators with Text and Numbers!
      • Use If Then Statements in a One-Liner of code
      • Using GOTO and Labels
      • Select Case as Alternative to IF THEN Statements
      • Message Box with Yes and No Buttons
      • Relative Positioning using Offset
      • Super Important Info Quiz
    • Loops and Report Writing Basics
      • Intro to Loops; the For Next Loop
      • Fun with our For Next Loop
      • Beginning our first Report using Loops
      • Using an InputBox
      • Adding InputBox to Our First Report to make it Dynamic
      • Add a Button to Open Our Report
      • Add a Cool Looking Button or Image to Open Report
      • Our First Printable Report part 1 - Declaring and Setting the Sheets
      • Printable Report Part 2 - Getting Items On Report Sheet
      • Printable Report Part 3 - Clearing Last Report
      • Printable Report Part 4 - Ensuring Visibility and Autoselect Report Sheet
      • Using PrintPreview Automatically
      • Using PrintOut to Send Directly to Default Printer
      • Handling Debug Error When Cancelling InputBox
      • For Loop Going Backwards using STEP
      • The FOR EACH Loop
      • FOR EACH Loop - Practical Examples
      • Intro to DO LOOPS
      • DO Until
      • Loop Until
      • DO While
      • Loop While
      • EXIT DO - Multiple Exits using your own Criteria along the Way!
      • Quiz4
    • EVENTS: Worksheet Events made Easy
      • Intro to Worksheet Events and Selection_Change
      • Worksheet Activate Event
      • Worksheet Deactivate Event
      • BeforeDelete Event - for Worksheet Deletion
      • BeforeDoubleClick Event - Trigger a Macro when Double Clicking
      • BeforeRightClick Event - Trigger a Macro when Right-Clicking
      • Calculate Event
      • How to Disable Events on the Workbook
      • Intro to Change Event
      • Change Event with EnableEvents toggle - Avoid endless loop!
      • Change Event Triggered with Custom Range Using Intersect
      • FollowHyperlinks Event
      • Final Thoughts on Worksheet Events and Review Other Events
      • Quiz5
    • WorkBook Events
      • Workbook Open
      • Workbook Activate
      • Before Save
      • After Save
      • Before Close
      • Before Print
      • Deactivate
      • NewChart
      • NewSheet
      • Sheet Activate
      • Delete, DoubleClick, RightClick, Calculate, Change
      • SheetDeactivate
      • Follow Hyperlink
      • SheetSelectionChange
      • WindowActivate
      • WindowDeactivate
      • WindowResize
      • Quiz6
    • Activex Controls on Worksheets
      • Activex Controls vs Forms Controls
      • Button Click - Wage Calculator
      • Keydown Event
      • KeyPress Event
      • MouseMove Event
      • MouseMove Event with Application.Statusbar - fun and useful
      • MouseUp and MouseDown Events - Left, Middle, & Rightclick, Shift, Alt & Ctrl
      • GotFocus and LostFocus Events
      • Use a Checkbox for its VALUE
      • Checkbox Event Without a Button
      • LinkedCell Property with a Checkbox
      • Option Buttons Intro - What is an Option Button and Grouping
      • Grouping, Alignment and Aesthetics for Controls
      • Homemade Quiz using Option Buttons and a Command Button
      • Compliance Checker for your Forms or Quizzes Part 1
      • Compliance check part 2
      • SpinButton with Cell A1
      • SpinButtons with Textboxes and Numbers
      • SpinButton BONUS - Move Textbox Position with SpinButton
      • SpinButton with Dates in a Textbox
      • Activex "Label" Control - Basics
      • ComboBox - Fill with ListFillRange
      • Creating a Dynamic Range
      • ComboBox - How to use Multiple Columns
      • Using .ADDITEM to Get Specific items in your Combobox List
      • Noteworthy Properties of a Combobox
      • Multiple Columns in Combobox with .ADDITEM and List, ListCount etc
      • ListBox Basics using Dynamic Range
      • Listbox Click event and Dynamic Options
      • ListBox - Referencing Column 0 and 1 in a cell Dynamically!
      • Dynamic ListBoxes Using .ADDITEM and More
      • Make and Utilize INVISIBLE Columns - Special Trick!
      • Using a Scroll Bar on a worksheet
      • Pictures on a Worksheet, plus using FollowHyperlink Method
      • Toggle Button
      • A Brief Note on Alternate, 3rd Party Controls
      • Quiz7
    • Userforms - the best thing. EVER.
      • Userform - Hide, Show and Unload
      • Sample Database and Creating a Data Entry Form
      • Fill Status combobox with Rowsource when Userform starts - 2 methods
      • New Employee Data Entry Form!
      • Format Textbox Numbers as Numerals, Clearing out Form upon Submission
      • Set the Tab Order for Userform Controls
      • Set Default Values to Make Data Entry Easier
      • Avoid Duplicate Employee ID and other Fun Automation Tricks
      • Edit Mode for Employee Database - Part 1
      • Edit Mode for Employee Database - Part 2
      • Edit Mode Pt 3 - Adding Automation and Save Button
      • Userform Report with Filters - Part 1
      • Userform Report with Filters - Part 2
      • Applying the Dynamic Filters to Reports
      • Clear out Last Report
      • Report Generation and Aesthetics, Headers, Footers, Repeat Rows etc.
      • Concluding Thoughts. . .
      • Quiz8

Course Fee:
USD 199

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Course Status:



1 - 4 hours / week

This course is listed under Development & Implementations Community

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