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Java Fundamentals Part II Second Edition

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    Course Syllabus

    • Before you begin...
      • Code files...
    • Lesson 8: Classes and Objects—A Deeper Look
      • Introduction
      • Time1 class declaration maintains the time in 24-hour format
      • Private members of class Time1 are not accessible
      • "this" used implicitly and explicitly to refer to members of an object
      • Time2 class with overloaded constructors
      • Composition demonstration with classes Date and Employee
      • Declaring an enum type with a constructor and explicit instance fields and acces
      • Garbage Collection
      • Declaring and using static variables and methods to maintain a count of the numb
      • static import of Math class methods
      • Package access members of a class are accessible by other classes in the same pa
      • Compound-interest calculations with BigDecimal
    • Lesson 9: Object-Oriented Programming—Inheritance
      • Introduction
      • Inheritance hierarchy UML class diagrams
      • Creating and using a CommissionEmployee class
      • Creating and Using a BasePlusCommissionEmployee Class
      • Creating a CommissionEmployee—BasePlusCommissionEmployee Inheritance Hierarchy
      • CommissionEmployee—BasePlusCommissionEmployee Inheritance Hierarchy Using protec
      • CommissionEmployee—BasePlusCommissionEmployee Inheritance Hierarchy Using privat
      • Class Object
    • Lesson 10: Object-Oriented Programming—Polymorphism
      • Introduction
      • Demonstrating Polymorphic Behavior—Assigning superclass and subclass references
      • Abstract Classes and Methods
      • Case Study: Payroll System Using Polymorphism
      • Abstract Superclass Employee
      • Concrete Subclass SalariedEmployee
      • Concrete Subclass HourlyEmployee
      • Concrete Subclass CommissionEmployee
      • Indirect Concrete Subclass BasePlusCommissionEmployee
      • Polymorphic Processing, Operator instanceof and Downcasting
      • final Methods and Classes
      • Creating and Using Interfaces (Java SE 7 and earlier)
      • Developing a Payable Hierarchy
      • Class Invoice
      • Modifying Class Employee to Implement Interface Payable
      • Modifying Class SalariedEmployee for Use in the Payable Hierarchy
      • Using Interface Payable to Process Invoices and Employees Polymorphically
      • Java SE 8 Interface Enhancements overview
    • Lesson 11: Exception Handling—A Deeper Look
      • Introduction
      • Integer division without exception handling
      • Handling ArithmeticExceptions and InputMismatchExceptions
      • Throwable hierarchy; Introduction to checked and unchecked exceptions
      • try…catch…finally exception-handling mechanism
      • Stack unwinding and obtaining data from an exception object
      • Chained exceptions
      • Declaring new exception types
      • Checking with assert that a value is within range
      • try-with-Resources: Automatic Resource Deallocation
    • Lesson 12: GUI Components: Part 1
      • Introduction
      • Using Java's Nimbus Look-and-Feel
      • Simple GUI-Based Input/Output with JOptionPane
      • Common superclasses of the lightweight Swing components
      • Displaying Text and Images in a Window
      • Text Fields and an Introduction to Event Handling with the ActionListener interf
      • Common GUI Event Types and Listener Interfaces
      • How Event Handling Works
      • JButton
      • Buttons That Maintain State: JCheckBox and the ItemListener interface
      • Buttons That Maintain State: JRadioButton and the ItemListener interface
      • JComboBox and the ItemListener interface; Using an Anonymous Inner Class for Eve
      • JList and the ListSelectionListener interface
      • Multiple-Selection Lists
      • Mouse Event Handling with the MousListener and MouseMotionListener interfaces
      • Adapter Classes in Event Handling: Mouse Event Handling with the MouseAdapter cl
      • Custom JPanels
      • Key Event Handling
      • FlowLayout
      • BorderLayout
      • GridLayout
      • Using Panels to Manage More Complex Layouts
      • JTextArea and JScrollPane
    • Lesson 13: Graphics and Java 2D
      • Introduction
      • Color control: Drawing rectangles and strings in various colors
      • Choosing colors with JColorChooser
      • Displaying strings in different fonts and colors
      • FontMetrics and Graphics methods useful for obtaining font metrics
      • Drawing lines, rectangles and ovals
      • Drawing arcs with Graphics methods drawArc and fillArc
      • Drawing polygons with Graphics methods drawPolygon and fillPolygon
      • Demonstrating Java 2D shapes
      • Java 2D general paths and rotating/translating Java 2D shapes
    • Lesson 14: Strings, Characters and Regular Expressions
      • Introduction
      • String class constructors
      • String methods length, charAt and getChars
      • Comparing Strings: String methods equals, equalsIgnoreCase, compareTo and region
      • Comparing Strings: String methods startsWith and endsWith
      • String-searching methods indexOf and lastIndexOf
      • Extracting substrings from Strings: String class substring methods
      • String method concat
      • String methods replace, toLowerCase, toUpperCase, trim and toCharArray
      • String valueOf methods
      • StringBuilder constructors
      • StringBuilder length, setLength, capacity and ensureCapacity methods
      • StringBuilder methods charAt, setCharAt, getChars and reverse
      • StringBuilder append methods
      • StringBuilder methods insert, delete and deleteCharAt
      • Character static methods for testing characters and converting case
      • Character class static conversion methods
      • Character class instance methods
      • StringTokenizer object used to tokenize strings
      • Validating user input with regular expressions
      • String methods replaceFirst, replaceAll and split
      • Classes Pattern and Matcher
    • Lesson 15: Files, Streams and Object Serialization
      • Introduction
      • Obtaining file and directory information
      • Writing data to a sequential text file with class Formatter
      • Reading from a sequential text file using a Scanner
      • Credit-inquiry program
      • Creating a Sequential-Access File Using Object Serialization
      • Reading and Deserializing Data from a Sequential-Access File
      • Opening Files with JFileChooser

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USD 149

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1 - 4 hours / week

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