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Excel: Soup to Nuts

Course Summary

Become A Master Of Excel And Learn To Use Excel Like A True Professional With This Comprehensive, Yet Fun Excel Course

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    Course Syllabus

    • An Introduction | Meet Dave- Your guide/ trainer/ host for the class
      • Dave McCubbin | Background
      • General Course Overview, Structure and Style of the Class
      • Class Files | Please Download To Follow Along With The Lessons
    • A High Level Overview Of All The Bits And Pieces Common To Microsoft Office
      • Even The Geniuses Start Somewhere
      • How to Open Excel/ Other MS Office Programs
      • Getting A Feel For The Excel Environment
      • What Is Thing Called the Ribbon...
      • A Dialog Box Launcher?
      • QAT or Quick Access Toolbar | A Good Place To Store Common Commands
      • Contextual Tabs | Annoying Yet Relevant
      • Backstage View | Sounds Worse Than It Is
      • How to Create A New Excel File
      • How To Save An Excel File
      • How To Close An Excel File
      • Opening An Existing Excel File
      • Cut Copy And Paste
      • The Magical Undo Button
      • How To Search And Find Items
      • Smart Art | An Easy Way To Make Fancy Diagrams
      • Adding Shapes Into Your File
      • How To Add Cartoons (AKA Clip Art) To Your File
      • How To Add A Picture (Read: Real Photograph) To Your File
    • Excel's Fundamentals | The Need to Know Topics
      • Square One - Just What Is Excel Anyway?
      • An Overview Of The Excel Environment
      • The Appearance Of The Mouse Pointer | What Does It Mean?
      • How To Add Content To Cells
      • Modifying (Editing) Cell Content
      • Selecting Cells | Or Chunks of Cells
      • How To Maneuver In Excel | Moving Within And Around Sheets
      • Practice Adding Content To An Excel File
    • The Starting Point When Doing Math In Excel
      • How Excel Thinks When It Does Math Calculations
      • Understanding Functions | What The Term Means And How Excel Uses Them
      • Adding Up Numbers | AKA The Sum Function
      • Auto Fill Explained And How Using It Will Save You Time
      • The Home Of The Functions | Where Your Math Formulas Live
      • How To Calculate The Average Of Some Numbers
      • Other Simple Math | Subtract, Multiply and Divide
    • How To Dress Up Your Data And Make It Look Nice | AKA Formatting
      • Overview | What Does It Mean To Format A Spreadsheet
      • Changing Fonts
      • Changing Cell and Font Color
      • Changing Number Formats
      • Using the Format Painter
      • Understanding Formats As Layers
      • Actual Vs. Displayed Numbers
      • Insert Rows And Columns
      • Insert Cells Into A Spreadsheet
      • Deleting Rows And Columns
      • The Pesky Pound Sign
      • Merge And Center Content Across A Few Columns
      • Hide and Unhide Columns
      • Insert Sheets Into A Workbook
      • Change Worksheet Tab Colors
      • How To Move And Copy Worksheets
      • Renaming Worksheets
      • The Percent Icon | More Than You Might Think
      • Aligning Content Within Cells
      • Adding Borders To Cells And How Borders Differ From Gridlines
      • Slick Formatting With Conditional Formatting And Some Potential Pitfalls As Well
      • Dates In Computers | Did You Know They Are Really Serial Numbers
    • Ok, So You've Typed It, Made It Look Nice, Now How Do You Print It
      • Printing | It's A Bunch Of Moving Parts
      • The File, Print Command | A Walkthrough
      • Page Break Preview | Your Best Bet To Cure Printing Ailments
      • Add Header And Footers For Your Worksheet
      • Margins | The Blank Area Around Your Paper
      • The Print Area And How It May Save You Some Aggravation With Repetitive Printing
      • How To Make Column Heading Repeat When Printing Long Lists Of Data
    • INTERMISSION: A Look At How Excel Is Built And The Effect On Future Lessons
      • Take A Breather And A Quick Look Forward
    • Starting Down The Road Of Math | The Heart Of Excel
      • Overview of Excel Functions | Getting the Big Picture
      • MAX And MIN | Otherwise Known As High And Low
      • COUNT And COUNTA | You Can Count On Them To Help
      • Understanding the Absolute Reference | It's Just A Fancy "Anchor"
      • The Beauty of Named Ranges
      • IF Statement Demystified | Examining The IF, IF AND, IF OR
      • VLOOKUP Made Simple
      • SUMIF and SUMIFS | Adding Things Up That Meet Your Criteria
      • COUNT IF | A Twist On The SUMIF
      • The Power Of Linking
      • Rounding | It A'int What You Think
      • 3-D Formulas | A Fancy Way To Build Formulas Across Sheets
      • DSUM | An Oldie But A Goodie
      • IFERROR | A Cool Way To Cover Up Error Messages
      • MATCH and INDEX Explained, Then Combined For Some Real Magic
      • Math With Text | TRIM
      • Math With Text | UPPER
      • Math With Text | Concatenation
      • Math With Text | PROPER
      • Math With Text | LEN
      • Math With Text | RIGHT
      • Math With Text | LEFT
      • Math With Text | "De-concatenation"
      • Working With Dates And Time | DATEDIF
      • Dates And Time | How Excel Handles Time And Some Hourly Time Calculations
      • Mindbender Formula | ARRAY Calculations
      • Mindbender Formula | The SUMPRODUCT Function
      • Mindbender Formula | The OFFSET Function
      • How To Reverse Engineer A Spreadsheet | AKA Auditing
      • Creating Dynamic Named Ranges | Some People Like This
    • List Management: Freeze Panes, Grouping, Sorts, Filters, Subtotals, Pivot Tables
      • List Management | How To Avoid Aggravation With The Freeze Panes
      • List Management | How To Group Data
      • Sorting | How To Alphabetize (Organize) Your Data
      • Sorting | Some Cool Tricks To Impress Your Friends
      • Filters | How To Play 'Go Fish' On Your List
      • Advanced Filtering | For When The Basic Filter Won't Cut It
      • Subtotals | Putting Calculations Within Your List
      • Pivot Tables | An Introduction
      • Pivot Tables | How To Do Math Calculations Within Pivot Tables
      • Pivot Tables | Calculated Fields, A Step Beyond Standard Math In Pivot Tables
      • Pivot Tables | Creating Charts From Your Pivot Table
      • Pivot Tables | Miscellaneous Topics
      • Pivot Tables | Troubleshooting And How To Fix Common Errors
      • Pivot Tables | Slicers, The Glorified Filter
    • Charting | Turning Your Data Into A Graph
      • Charting Data In Excel
    • Miscellaneous Stuff Excel Has To Offer | Maybe You'll Use Them, Maybe You Won't
      • Miscellaneous Topic | Section Overview
      • Tables | Old Feature Under A New Name
      • Data Validation | An Easy Way To Create A List Of Choices
      • Data Validation Bonus | Using A Named Range With Data Validation
      • Comments | A Way To Add "Notes" To A Cell
      • Goal Seek | For When You Want To "Back Into" An Equation
      • Solver | For Toying Around With Multiple Variables In A Formula
      • Scenarios | A Fancy Way To Play "What If..."
      • Sparklines | Little Mini Charts On Your Sheet
      • Remove Duplicates | How To Get Rid Of Repetitive Data
      • Remove Duplicates Bonus | Using Formulas To Identify Where The Duplicates Are
      • Styles | Canned Cell Formats In Excel
      • Themes | A Way To Format All Your MS Files Uniformly
    • Brain Break | Some Stupid Excel Tricks and Gimmicks
      • How To Create Paragraph Break In Cells
      • How To Create Your Own Custom Ribbon
      • Gimmicks With The Auto Fill | A Way To Impress Your Friends
    • Macros | A Way To Automate Your Work
      • Macros | Creating A Simple One And Thoughts To Ponder
    • Form Controls | Adding Drop Down Menus, Scroll Bars, Combo Boxes and Spinners
      • Form Controls | How To Create And Work With 'Em
      • Form Controls | How To Create A Scrolling Chart
      • Form Controls | How To Create An Interactive Chart
    • Dashboards | An At A Glance View Of All Your Data | The "Hot Item" With Excel
      • Dashboards | How To Create One...
    • Epilogue
      • A Heartfelt Thank You | It's A Wrap......

Course Fee:
USD 89

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1 - 4 hours / week

This course is listed under Development & Implementations and Telecommunications Community

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