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Photoshop Essentials

Course Summary

Gain massive skills and learn a ton of Photoshop techniques!

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    Course Syllabus

    • Welcome To Ten Ton Photoshop Essentials!
      • Are You Ready For Photoshop?
    • Photoshop Warm-Up: The Interface!
      • Gettin’ Down With Image Fundamentals
      • The Goods: Photoshop’s Toolbox
      • Exploring Photoshop’s Palettes
      • A Look At The Options Bar
      • Creating New Documents, The Image Window, And Working With Multiple Images
      • Photoshop’s Screen Modes
      • For Our CS4 Users: Photoshop’s New Interface
      • Gettin’ Around In Your Images
      • Get Customizing Photoshop’s Interface And Saving Workspaces
      • Have No Fear: Undoing Steps With History
      • Saving Up All Your Work
      • Task#1: Saving Out Multiple Copies!
    • Photoshop’s Right Hand Man, Adobe Bridge!
      • Launchin’ Bridge And Gettin’ Into The Interface
      • Throwin’ In Metadata, Keywords, And Filters
      • Getting Organized: Moving, Copying And Renaming Images
      • Creating Collections In Bridge CS4
      • Task#2: Organize Your Images!
    • Mastering Resizing, Resampling, And Cropping!
      • Understanding PPI, DPI, And LPI
      • A Practical Example Of Pixels And Resolution
      • Using The Image Size Command
      • Resizing Images
      • Resizing With And Without Resampling
      • Technique #1: Resizing To Create A Web Banner And An 8×10 Print!
      • Fix ‘Er Up: Cropping And Straightening
      • Canvas Size And Canvas Rotation
      • Task#3: Didja Get All That? Now Resize This Image!
    • The Low-Down On Selections, Part 1!
      • Getting Started With The Shape Selection Tools And Modifying Selections
      • Transforming And Duplicating Your Selections
      • Selecting With The Magic Wand Tool And Using Free Transform
      • Throwin’ It Down With The Polygonal Selection Tool
      • Selection Tool Double-Team: Combining Selections
    • The Low-Down On Selections, Part 2!
      • Fast ‘N Easy With The Magnetic Lasso Tool
      • Handy Selection Techniques
      • Your Gonna Love It: The Quick Selection Tool
      • Refining Your Selections
      • Selection Modification Techniques
    • Photoshop’s Meat ‘N Potatoes, Layers!
      • Gettin’ A Grasp On Layer Fundamentals
      • Understanding The Layers Panel, Background Layers, And Combining Images
      • Gettin’ Ya Used To Working With Layers
      • Locking Down Your Layers
      • Super-Sweet Effects With Layer Styles
      • Retro Movie Poster Build: Going Further With Layers
      • Continuing The Build: Filling Layers And Creating Layer Groups
      • More Eye-Popping Possibilities: Introducing Blending Modes
      • Blending Modes Explained
      • More Blending Modes, Opacity, And Fill
      • Finishing Up Our Build: Creating And Modifying Text
      • Point Type, Paragraph Type, And Warping Text
      • Technique #2: Super-Sweet T-Shirt Mock Ups!
    • Definitely Do-Able: Using Photoshop For Layout!
      • Setting Up Photoshop’s Unit Of Measurement
      • Get Goin’ With Rulers, Guides, And The Grid
      • Setting Up The Design Template, Part 1
      • Setting Up The Design Template, Part 2
      • Adding In Artwork And Laying Out The Design
    • Sweet Painting Techniques In Photoshop!
      • Get Using Photoshop’s Brush Tool
      • Setting Up Your Layers For Painting
      • The Color Picker, Painting With Mulitple Colors, And Saving Your Custom Colors
      • Sweetness: Pantone Colors And Handling Your Swatch Libraries
      • Gettin’ Down With Gradients
      • Speed It Up By Painting With Selections
      • Make It Come To Life: Shading Your Painted Artwork
      • Creating And Working With Artistic Brushes
      • Snoozer…Using The Pencil And Eraser Tools
      • Task#4: Paint These Cool Cartoons!
    • Delving Into Masking Techniques!
      • Warmin’ Up With Color Range
      • You’re About To Fall In Love: Photoshop’s Quickmask Mode, Part 1
      • You’re About To Fall In Love: Photoshop’s Quickmask Mode, Part 2
      • Saving Your Selections And Working With Alpha Channels
      • The Coolest Thing Ever: Layer Masks, Part 1
      • The Coolest Thing Ever: Layer Masks, Part 2
      • Using Photoshop CS4′S Masks Panel
      • Get Creating And Editing Clipping Groups
      • Task #5: Have You Mastered Masks? Then Apply A Layer Mask To This Photo!
    • Photo Clean-Up, Retouching, And Manipulation!
      • Photoshop Disasters
      • Photoshop’s Red Eye Tool
      • Cleaning Up Blemishes Part 1: The Clone Stamp Tool
      • Techniques For Replacing Colors
      • Photoshop’s Image Toning Tools
      • Sharpening Up Your Photos
      • Photoshop CS4 Users, It’s Time For Content-Aware Scaling
      • Technique #3: Photographer’s Dream Come True—Perfect Skin Tones!
      • Task #6: Clean Up This Photo!
    • Photoshop Pen Tool Mastery!
      • Understanding Paths And The Pen Tool
      • Keeping ‘Er Straight: Creating Straight Path Segments
      • A Bit More Tricky: Curved Path Segments
      • Creating Combo Paths—Both Straight And Curved
      • Close Cropping An Object And Pulling It Off It’s Background
      • Technique #4: A Real World Application Of The Pen Tool!
      • Task #7: Close Crop This Photo!
    • Buckle Up, It’s Time For Color Correction!
      • The Fundamentals: Photoshop’s Color Modes
      • Easing Into Correcting Color With Variations
      • Auto Color Correction And Understanding Black And White Point
      • Going Further With Additional Correction Options
      • Histograms: Understand How They Work Once And For All
      • Advanced Correction Part 1: Photoshop’s Levels Command
      • Advanced Correction Part 2: Geoff’s Favorite, Curves
      • Non-Destructive Correction With Adjustment Layers In Photoshop CS3
      • Non-Destructive Correction With Adjustment Layers In Photoshop CS4
      • A Heap Of Techniques For Creating Stunning Black And White Images
    • Creating Killer Special Effects!
      • Warmin’ Ya Up With Photoshop’s Filters
      • Using Filters Non-Destructively
      • A Much Closer Look At Working With Styles
      • Technique #5: Simulating Tilt-Shift Photography With Alien Skin Bokeh!
      • Technique #6: Simulating Depth Of Field With Alien Skin Bokeh!
      • Technique #7: Text Effects With Alien Skin Eye Candy
      • This’ll Blow Your Mind: Creating Eye-Popping Glow Effects, Part 1
      • This’ll Blow Your Mind: Creating Eye-Popping Glow Effects, Part 2
    • Photoshop Print And Web Workflows!
      • Print Design Workflow With InDesign
      • Layer Comps Between Photoshop And InDesign
      • Now For Web Workflows, Starting With Saving Images For Online Use
      • Ten Ton Dreamweaver Sneak Peak #1: Smart Objects Between Photoshop And Dreamweaver
      • Ten Ton Dreamweaver Sneak Peak #2: Web Design Workflow: From Illustrator To Photoshop And Out To Dreamweaver
      • Technique #8: Build Your Own Web 2.0 Style Buttons!
      • Technique #9: Ten Ton User Request: Building And Slicing A Web Header, Part 1!
      • Technique #9 Continued: Ten Ton User Request: Building And Slicing A Web Header, Part 2!
      • Creative Suite Tag-Team: Working With Photoshop And Illustrator
    • The Dramatic Conclusion...Ten Ton Photoshop Essentials Is Over!
      • Goodbye, And Where To Go From Here
      • Closing Credits

Course Fee:
USD 154

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1 - 4 hours / week

This course is listed under Digital Media & Games and Peripherals Community

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