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Why SEO Has Become More Frustrating With Frequently Google's Updates?

Published on 02 November 13

SEO result has become more complex and time consuming now itâs complicated to achieve ranking for targeted keywords. Well I have mentioned above line because recently many SEO companies performed guaranteed ranking SEO services but these days SEO has changed itâs really difficult for anyone to take guaranteed except Google. Few folks set a statement that SEO is about to die and it has become frustrating jobs for them, but have simple reply for them Guys you need to be smart SEO to enjoy positive benefits from updates of Google. Now take a look on some major ups and down in ranking factor.

Every Link is not Gold -

Yes in early days every links had some value and they were like a vote for website and they were a positive factor in search engine ranking. SEOs were completely mad about gaining links for getting ranks even they had never care about quality of links because they had some other definition about bad links Earlier bad links has definition that - A bad link came from casino, porn and penalized websites But now the definition has change because algorithm taking more care about relevancy of links and strictly taking action against of website those have build low quality and non relevant links.

Anchor Tags Magic Over
Why SEO Has Become More Frustrating With Frequently Google's Updates? - Image 1

All SEO would be aware about magic of anchor tags as it was first priority of links builder to gain links from keywords tag for targeted pages. Penguin also known as a killer of anchor tag magic as it hits many websites. Now every SEO need to measure the ration of building links with various anchor tags. Co-citations have taken place in SEO and knowing as major factor in ranking just like earlier anchor tags.

NoFollow links and Follow links

Earlier people build have tendency that Google cannot take action against nofollow links but now it has been cleared that there are few importance of nofollow links. While this question put to matt cutts that how no follow links may influence any website then he replied No, typically nofollow links cannot hurt your site, so upfront, very quick answer on that point. That said, let me just mention one weird corner case, which is if you are like leaving comment on every blog in the world, even if those links might be nofollow, if you are doing it so much that people notice you, and theyâre really annoyed by you, and people spam report about you, we might take some manual spam action on you.

It has been cleared from his statement that any links that are building intentionally or for promotion purpose with some easy way is just useless and may harm his websites.

Exact Match Domain Update

Domain is still a big factor in search engine ranking but some rule has changed and choosing most appropriate domain or keywords based domain may be cause of penalty. Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) update is made to stand against of people those choose spammy URLs to get quick ranking in search engine by considering major factor in on page optimization. Earlier it was very attractive strategy to buy a domain that target to keywords and adding keywords into title, description and H1 and H2 section. But now it has become flop strategy because it would be treated as keywords stuffing.

Keywords Density

Letâs talk about most important factor in SEO which is content development that has aim to create content in term of targeting real customers and search engine for placement. We all would be aware about keywords density but I am sure everyone would have separate opinion while setting keywords density. While we talk about Google recommendation they have cleared that content should be written for audience and forget about keywords.

It also comes at a time when there are a lot questions about the value of links and what links Google is going to be okay with, and which it is not. Things are complicated even further in instances when Google is making mistakes on apparently legitimate links, and telling webmasters that theyâre bad.

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  1. 15 November 13

    Thanks for commenting and appricate my blog.

  2. 06 November 13

    Yes Google makes many updates in a year only to produce better search experience for their users. Some its required to have changes. It may be assume that low quality website taking place against of high quality so these tasks are not useful now on getting search engine ranking. Thanks for the above point so now people can change their old tactic into new one.

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