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Tips on Creating a Plan for Survey Project

Published on 29 January 15
The need of a survey originates when a business organization comes across a problem and the existing data is not able to pin point the concerned area. When confronted with such a situation, organizations should consider whether a survey can collect the required data, helping get to the source of the problem. If, prior to a business decision, you need the inputs of people and want these results quickly then survey is the best technique. But survey is not a miracle pill, it is just the way you use it. Many business organizations enter into a survey expecting to find something interesting, and end up with nothing. This is why before plunging into a survey project there is need for careful analysis and planning. Well planned surveys are easy to implement and analyze. They are also finished quickly, helping you address the issue on time. If valuable data is collected quickly and then policies are implemented on time it can lead to customer satisfaction.

Questions to Ask Before a Survey Project

Surveys should be well thought out and planned. Goals should be delineated. This is why successful organizations always ask themselves the following questions before moving into a survey project:

  • What are you looking to learn?
  • How much time will it take?
  • What will be the costs?
All these questions can be answered only if you have a plan ready at hand before implementing the survey. So, the secret to a successful survey campaign often lies in the quality of planning.
Factors that should be accounted for in a Survey Plan

There are various types of surveys and their scopes are dependent on the end goals. So, there are bound to be many inter-related issues. But all survey plans should take into account six key areas:

  • Value of Survey
  • Cost of Survey
  • Project Definition
  • Setting the Audience
  • Selecting the Project Team
  • Deciding Timeline of Project

How to Plan for Survey Value?

Understanding the survey value is the first step in survey project planning. Organizations must understand the importance and scope of the survey. They should know the benefits of such data accumulation campaign to their core work. When calculating for the value of your project always take into account the below given three factors:

  • Define the decisions that you need to make
  • Costs that would be incurred if those decisions went wrong
  • Level of uncertainty the survey project can reduce
When you are launching a product based on the popular trend you can get it verified by the populace. They are the end users; they will be able to tell you what is needed. If you take a decision on your own, without understanding the mind of end users than the product may fail. This is where defining the needs of the survey is very important. Once that is defined you will find the survey project can save you lots of dollars, by providing insights about customers. If there are additional issues, you can plan for follow up surveys too.
How to Decide the Cost of Survey?

The next big step in survey project planning is calculating your costs. Many businesses find they have exceeded the budget only after the survey is underway. So, a planned approach will keep you in good stead. If you want a quality survey it will never come cheap, though there are methods that are economical over others. Apart from the cost of resource time there are three different types of costs that you will incur, such as:

  • Cost of creating the survey infrastructure
  • Money needed for inviting the respondents and encouraging them for the survey participation
  • Costs that would go into data entry and later analysis
It has been generally seen that web based surveys are much economical than the telephonic or mail based surveys. In the later options companies have to spend for postage, designing, printing, telephone bills, call personnel and data entry.
How to Define the Project?