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10 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Website Failing

Published on 03 March 15

eCommerce websites can work a very long way if properly understood, but also if you can deliver the right product. However, before getting there, it is imperative to attain a desirable website design and functionality. If you think that your eCommerce website is a good extension to your real store, you are wrong. While it can function as an extension, it needs a lot of other particularities to keep visitors enticed, but also to underline credibility and professionalism. Only then you can finally think about conversions. In a world where most sellers are not actual eCommerce specialists, learning about the most common issues in this industry can help you ensure a top notch functionality. So why is not your website working like it should?

Hiding Contacts
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People expect information to be instant online. If they have a question, they want it addressed as soon as possible. When email is your only contact, they assume that they might need to wait for a day or two in order to get an answer. They will not bother to message you, but look elsewhere. If you truly want them to enjoy their experience and get a sense of your professionalism right away, come up with exceptional customer service like a chat , as well as a phone number.

Long and Annoying forms
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The less fields your guests need to complete when dealing with forms, the more enticed they will be. Adding a million steps and gathering all kinds of details will not really help you. Just stick to the basic information. You do not want to build a psychological profile, so stop asking for marital statuses or hobbies. You are less likely to fax them either, so ask for an email address and perhaps a phone number instead.

Overlooking Shopping Card Abandonment
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Just because your website looks good and functions perfectly, it does not mean that it actually produces money too. Getting someone to add a few products to the shopping cart is not so hard. Instead, the real issues arise when about to reach to the checkout. There are plenty of techniques to prevent this issue, yet one of them is simpler than others - gathering contacts. This way, you make sure that your potential customers do not forget you. Get in touch with them later on, then introduce them to special Discounts and Coupons.

Not being Clear in your Advantages
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What is the first thing you see when you load a popular eCommerce website? You are most commonly prompted with special discounts. You need to do the same. However, these special offers do not necessarily have to be discounts. Instead, you need to draw the attention to your value proposition and underline the reasons why someone should buy from you. Are you offering free shipping? Do you have the widest product range? Do you practice the lowest costs on the market? Your message must be concise and clear.

Not offering Benefits
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