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Modeling Ask DTs in Maya

Course Summary

Each video in this course is a self-contained lesson focused on answering questions that Digital-Tutors customers have had as they learn modeling in Maya. Software required: Maya.

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    Course Syllabus

    Introduction and Project Overview
    - 1m 0s

    —Introduction to Modeling Ask DTs in Maya 1m 0s
    Modeling Ask DTs in Maya
    - 7h 29m

    —How to Reverse Normals Direction 3m 50s
    —How to Line up Vertices Along the Grid Before Mirroring Geometry 2m 41s
    —How to Resolve an Issue with the Bridge Operation 4m 21s
    —How to Resolve an Issue with Double Transformation 6m 34s
    —How to Resolve Distorted Textures with the Smooth Mesh Preview 6m 10s
    —How to Set up a Technique for Mirroring Geometry 6m 5s
    —How to Troubleshoot an Unexpected Result from an Extruded Edge 6m 20s
    —How to Better Control Snapping Vertices 6m 33s
    —How to Create a Polygon Mesh That Resembles the Vertex Face View 3m 48s
    —How to Use the Trim Tool on a Nurbs Surface 5m 11s
    —How to Fix a Rotation Problem 6m 58s
    —How to Maintain the Pivot Position While Using Duplicate Special 9m 46s
    —How to Scale Vertices Uniformly on a Specific Mesh 7m 5s
    —How to Create a New Curve out of a Trim Edge on an Uneven Surface 4m 35s
    —How to Resolve an Issue While Extruding Along an EP Curve 4m 47s
    —How to Delete Excess Vertices on a Mesh 4m 0s
    —How to Precisely Move an Object Along a Custom Axis 6m 42s
    —How to Create Multiple Holes on a Mesh 10m 50s
    —How to Fix an Issue with a Black Line on Nurbs Geometry 4m 12s
    —How to Attach Nurbs Surfaces 3m 44s
    —How to Evenly Extrude Faces Inwards on Objects with Corners 4m 10s
    —How to Merge Together Multiple Planes into One Object 6m 12s
    —How to Model Detail Instead of Performing a Boolean 6m 11s
    —How to Resolve an Issue When Trying to Add Subdivisions to a Default Primitive 5m 58s
    —How to Extrude Nurbs Along a Curve in Maya 2m 46s
    —How to Model a Honeycomb Grill in Maya 7m 49s
    —How to Subdivide Adjacent Polygons 9m 20s
    —How to Begin Troubleshooting Projected Curves in Maya 3m 43s
    —How to Begin Troubleshooting Lofts in Maya 7m 33s
    —How to Better Understand Projected Curves in Maya 7m 8s
    —How to Control the Visibility of Nurbs Objects in Maya 5m 1s
    —How to Create a Border Edge on a Mesh in Maya 6m 46s
    —How to Create a Cracked Mirror in Maya 10m 33s
    —How to Extrude Inward in Maya 7m 45s
    —How to Fix an Issue with Polygons Smoothing in Maya 8m 18s
    —How to Use the Crease Tool to Add Detail in Maya 4m 52s
    —How to Maintain Quads While Beveling in Maya 5m 20s
    —How to Resolve an Error with the Bridge Command in Maya 5m 44s
    —How to Resolve an Issue When Doing a Nurbs Extrusion in Maya 3m 0s
    —How to Resolve an Issue with the Insert Edge Loop Tool in Maya 5m 0s
    —How to Resolve an Issue While Lofting Curves in Maya 5m 33s
    —How to Resolve an Issue with the Fill Hole Operation in Maya 8m 44s
    —How to Reverse Normals on a Mesh in Maya 3m 6s
    —How to Better Understand Normals in Maya 3m 22s
    —How to Remove Accidental Extrusions from Maya Geometry 4m 35s
    —How to Fix an Issue with the Fillet Operation 6m 6s
    —How to Increase Subdivisions on an Adobe Illustrator Object Inside of Maya 6m 44s
    —How to Convert a Polygon Mesh to a Nurbs Surface 2m 16s
    —How to Create Avoid Pinching While Creating a Nurbs End Cap 3m 45s
    —How to Check the Direction of the Normals 2m 38s
    —How to Flip a Model Around 1m 19s
    —How to Smooth Text 5m 37s
    —How to Create Text in Maya 3m 15s
    —How to Troubleshoot a Mesh That Won't Let Us Select It 3m 40s
    —How to Toggle Soft Select Mode 1m 49s
    —How to Extrude Face Along a Curve 2m 18s
    —How to Resolve Confusion Caused by Image Planes That Are Facing Each Other 2m 33s
    —How to Move Image Planes 4m 9s
    —How to Adjust the Rotation Pivot 3m 15s
    —How to Model up Close on a Mesh 4m 16s
    —How to Pull an Object out of a Group 2m 10s
    —How to Install a Font for the Purpose of Creating Text Within Maya 1m 55s
    —How to Add Some Geometry to a Polygon Cylinder's Cap 4m 55s
    —How to Extrude Surfaces in Maya from Curves 4m 57s
    —How to Create Geometry from Curves 5m 48s
    —How to Get a Low-poly Tree by Using Maya's Paint Effects 5m 51s
    —How to Troubleshoot Converting Polygons to Subdivision Surfaces 3m 16s
    —How to Resolve Some Disappearing Image Planes in Maya 3m 8s
    —How to Create Asset Containers 1m 50s
    —How to Add Some Resolution on a Smooth Surface Without Adding Unwanted Dents 4m 50s
    —How to Extrude an Edge from a Poly Object Along a Curve 1m 52s
    —How to Set up a Technique for Using the Edge Loop Tool 4m 20s
    —How to Set up a Technique for Working with the Crease Tool 3m 36s
    —How to Set up a Technique for Working with Fill Hole Operation 5m 28s
    —How to Resolve an Issue While Following Along with the Introduction to Modeling in Maya Course 5m 41s
    —How to Fix the Scale Tool When It Doesn't Appear 4m 23s
    —How to Enable Construction History 1m 24s
    —How to Cut a Hole out of a Nurbs Surface Using Projected Curves 2m 23s
    —How to Better Control What Faces Are Selected 5m 36s
    —How to Fix an Issue Attaching Two Nurbs Surfaces 4m 3s
    —How to Extrude Curves as Quads 2m 18s
    —How to Set up Techniques for Mirroring Geometry 6m 5s
    —How to Can Fix a Seam Caused by the Duplicate Special Operation 4m 7s
    —How to Fix a Polygon Mesh That Is Giving Unexpected Results When Smoothing 5m 23s
    —How to Get a Boolean Operation on an Odd Shape to Work 3m 30s
    —How to Resolve Issues While Following Along with the 'Creating Cartoon Characters in Maya' Course 4m 8s
    —How to Reverse the Normal Direction 3m 50s
    —How to Snap Vertices to the Grid 2m 41s
    —How to Attach the Collar of the Watchman to the Body 4m 3s
    —How to Extrude Nurbs Curves as Polygon Quads 2m 18s
    —How to Merge Vertices to Get Better Smoothing Results 5m 23s
    —How to Get a Boolean Operation to Work on an Odd Shape 3m 30s
    —Troubleshooting Image Planes That Don't Load in Maya 2014 7m 55s

Course Fee:
USD 29

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1 - 4 hours / week

This course is listed under Development & Implementations , Digital Media & Games and Telecommunications Community

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