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Tableau Desktop, Server Training

Course Summary

Our Tableau certification master program will let you gain proficiency in Tableau desktop and server. You will on work on real world projects in Tableau desktop, server tools, dashboard, web interface, R connectivity, publishing, data aggregation and blending.

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    Course Syllabus

    Tableau Course Content

    Introduction to Data Visualization and Power of Tableau
    What is data visualization, Comparision and benefits against reading raw numbers, Real usage examples from various business domains, Some quick powerful examples using Tableau without going into the technical details of Tableau
    Architecture of Tableau
    Installation of Tableau Desktop, Architecture of Tableau, Interface of Tableau (Layout, Toolbars, Data Pane, Analytics Pane etc), How to start with Tableau, Ways to share and exporting the work done in TableauHands-on Exercise – Play with the tableau desktop, interface to learn its user interface, Share an existing work, Export an existing work
    Working with Metadata & Data Blending
    Connection to Excels, PDFs and Cubes, Managing Metadata and Extracts, Data Preparation and dealing with NULL values, Data Joins (Inner, Left, Right, Outer) and Union, Cross Database joining, Data BlendingHands-on Exercise – Connect to an excel sheet and import data, Use metadata and extracts, Handle NULL values, Clean up the data before the actual use, Perform various join techniques, Perform data blending from more than one sources
    Creation of sets
    Marks, Highlighting, Sort and Group, Working with Sets (Creation of sets, Editing sets, IN/OUT, Sets in Hierarchies)Hands-on Exercise – Create and edit sets using Marks, Highlight desired items, Make groups, Applying sorting on result, Make hierachies in the created set
    Working with Filters
    Filters (Addition and Removal), Filtering continuous dates, dimensions, measures, Interactive FiltersHands-on Exercise – Add Filter on data set by date/dimensions/measures, Use interactive filter to views, Remove some filters to see the result
    Organizing Data and Visual Analytics
    Formatting Data (Labels, Annotations, Tooltips, Edit axes), Formatting Pane (Menu, Settings, Font, Alignment, Copy-Paste), Trend and Reference Lines, Forecasting, k-means Cluster Analysis in TableauHands-on Exercise – Apply labels, annotations, tooltips to graphs, Edit the attributes of axes, Set a reference line, Do k-means cluster analysis on a dataset
    Working with Mapping
    Coordinate points, Plotting Longitude and Latitude, Editing Unrecognized Locations, Custom Geocoding, Polygon Maps, WMS: Web Mapping Services, Background Image (Add Image, Plot Points on Image, Generate coordinates from Image)Hands-on Exercise – Plot latitude and longitude on geo map, Edit locations on the map, Create custom geocoding, Use images of a map and plot points on it, find coordinates in the image, Create a polygon map, Use WMS
    Working with Calculations & Expressions
    Calculation Syntax and Functions in Tableau, Types of Calculations (Table, String, Logic, Date, Number, Aggregate), LOD Expressions (concept and syntax), Aggregation and Replication with LOD Expressions, Nested LOD Expressions
    Working with Parameters
    Create Parameters, Parameters in Calculations, Using Parameters with Filters, Column Selection Parameters, Chart Selection ParametersHands-on Exercise – Create new parameters to apply on a filter, Pass parameters to filters to selet columns, Pass parameters to filters to select charts
    Charts and Graphs
    Dual Axes Graphs, Histogram (Single and Dual Axes), Box Plot, Pareto Chart, Motion Chart, Funnel Chart, Waterfall Chart, Tree Map, Heat Map, Market Basket analysisHands-on Exercise – Plot a histogram, heat map, tree map, funnel chart and others using the same data set, Do market basket analysis on a given dataset
    Dashboards and Stories
    Build and Format a Dashboard (Size, Views, Objects, Legends and Filters), Best Practices for Creative and Interactive Dashboards using Actions, Create Stories (Intro of Story Points, Creating and Updating Story Points, Adding Visuals in Stories, Annotations with Description)Hands-on Exercise – Create a dashboard view, Include objects, legends and filters, Make the dashboard interactive, Create and edit a story with visual effects, annotation, description
    Integration of Tableau with R and Hadoop
    Introduction to R Language, Applications and Use Cases of R, Deploying R on Tableau Platform, Learning R functions in Tableau, Integration with HadoopHands-on Exercise – Deploy R on tableau, Create a line graph using R interface, Connect tableau with Hadoop and extract data

    Tableau Server Course Content

    Introduction to Tableau & Tableau Desktop

    Understanding Tableau, basics of business intelligence and business analytics with Tableau, introduction to Tableau Desktop where all your reports, formats and dashboards are created.

    Installation and Configuration of Tableau Server

    Installation of Tableau Server, steps in the configuration of Tableau Server, common issues and troubleshooting them.

    Dashboards & Server Settings

    Learning how to access Tableau Dashboard using Tableau Server, setting up roles, schedules, tasks, settings and status for various users using the Tableau Server platform.

    Dashboard Scheduling

    Learn how to schedule a Tableau Dashboard for Report creation and sending.

    User Access: Rules & Permissions

    Granting the various permissions and setting up rules for various users depending on their roles like Developers, Administrators, Architects and other personnel, providing right access and information.

    Dashboard Operations

    Working with the Tableau Dashboard and sharing it with other Developers, migrating the dashboard and performing various operations on it.

    Web Server Interface, Sites, Projects, Users

    Working with the Tableau Server, working on a project using a web server interface to be accessible to all users.

    Creating Projects, Sites, Site Users and Publishing Workbook

    Deploying the necessary steps for the creation of various projects, sites and users working on the Tableau platform, publishing of the workbook under projects and performing maintenance activities.

    Server Reconfiguration

    Re configuring the Tableau Server as per the new requirements and introducing the various Tableau Server processes needed

    Interactive Server Dashboards

    Deploying interactive features on Tableau Dashboard, publishing the Dashboard to the Tableau Server and working on the Dashboard for interactive capabilities.

    Dashboard Navigation on Server

    Navigating through the Dashboard using the Tableau Server, understanding the Tableau Web Server features and interfaces

    Permissions on workbook, projects and user groups

    Ensuring the work is getting done right by applying permissions on workbook and projects and creating user groups.

    Customized Views

    Customization is possible on Tableau for frequently used options by choosing the ‘remember by changes’ option for creating custom views.

    Data Sources and Publishing,

    Understanding of Tableau Data Sources, publishing Data Sources from the Tableau Desktop using Tableau Server for getting data online, deploying permissions on Data Source.

    Admin Views

    Introduction to Standard admin views and creating custom Admin Views

    Understanding and deploying Tableau Server Standard Admin Views, learning to create Custom Admin Views on Tableau Server.

    Concept of Extracts and Schedules

    Learn to extract data from Data Sources to publish data from the Tableau Desktop to the Tableau Server, deploying Schedules on Data Extracts and understand how to refresh Extracts for updated Data Sources.

    Refresh Extracts from Tableau Server

    Getting the latest data onto the Tableau Server using the Refresh Extract option from the Tableau Server.

    Server Maintenance

    Alert scheduling and Data Connections

    Maintaining the Tableau Server, scheduling for Alerts, understanding what are Data Connections and their benefits.

    Server Customization

    Customizing the Tableau Server, updating the Name, Logo specifications on the Server.

    Tableau TCP-IP

    Various ports and ways to change the default ports in Tableau Server

    Server Authorization and Authentication

    Ensuring the Server efficiency and integrity through the deployment of right Tableau Server authorization and authentication, Tableau Server Security.

    Various Security Features

    Understanding the different aspects of Tableau Server Security and implementing them, ensuring the right authorization and authentication, various levels of security like User Filters, Data Security, Network Security, Server proxy setup, impersonating SQL Server.

    Tableau Parameters & Views

    List of Parameters, Embed Views and JavaScript API

    Understanding Tableau Parameters, working with embedded Parameters, deploying Tableau Views on websites, learning about Tableau JavaScript API.

    Server Performance

    Monitoring the Tableau Server performance, analyzing and recording the various aspects to improve Server performance.

    Server Scalability

    Scaling the Tableau Server performance up or down depending on the specific requirements

    Configuring for Fail-over, High Availability

    Ensuring the Tableau Server availability is always high and the fail-over system is always in place.

    Tabcmd Utility

    Overview of tabcmd command line utility and its usefulness

    Tabadmin Utility

    Introduction to the tabadmin command line utility and explains its usage.

    Troubleshooting in Tableau

    This module is dedicated to learning troubleshooting various faults using VizQ, Data Sources and License

    Database Maintenance and Logs

    Reading log files and identifying the problems, performing Database maintenance.

    Tableau Projects
    Project 1 – Tableau Interactive DashboardData Set – SalesObjective – This project is involved with working on a Tableau dashboard for sales data. You will gain in-depth experience in working with dashboard objects, learn about visualizing data, highlight action, and dashboard shortcuts. With a few clicks you will be able to combine multiple data sources, add filters and drill down specific information. You will be proficient in creating real time visualizations that are interactive within minutes.Upon completion of this project you will understand how to create a single point of access for all your sales data, ways of dissecting and analyzing sales from multiple angles, coming up with a sales strategy for improved business revenues.
    Project 2Domain – Crime Statistics (Public Domain)Objective –The Project aims to show the types of crimes and their frequency that happen in the District of Columbia. Also to provide the details of the crimes like, the area/location and day of the week the crime has happenedProblem statement :Police departments are often called upon to put more “feet on the street” to prevent crime and keep order. But with limited resources, it’s impossible to be everywhere at once. This visualization shows where crimes take place by type and which day of the week. This kind of information gives local police more guidance on where they should deploy their crime prevention efforts.
    1. Map should be plotted at Block site address level
    2. Show the Offense, Location and Date of Crime occurrence.
    3. Show the Number of incidents and frequency in percentage for each type of crime happened(Offense)
    4. Show each incident happened every month by week and weekday and by offense type
    5. The dashboard should have Crime type and District filters which will be applicable to all three sheets in the dashboard
    6. An action from Map should filter out the other two sheets accordingly
    7. An action from tree map and bar chart should highlight the remaining two sheets according to the selection
    Project 3Domain – HealthcareObjective –Visual Mapping between Vaccination rate and Measles outbreakProblem statement :
    • Plot measles outbreaks depending on the coverage of population
    • Plot measles infection cases before 1st dose, between 1st and 2nd dose and after the 2nd dose of measles vaccination
    • Plot the correlation between immunity when vaccination coverage is high within schools
    • Plot correlation between poor urban areas which were not vaccinated at high rate and other areas which were vaccinated properly
    Lab Environment : Tableau Desktop (Better to use latest version which is 10.3 or any version later 10.0 will also have the impact)
    Tableau Server Projects

    Project 1 – Publish Dashboard on Server

    Data set -SalesObjective – Learn how to publish dashboard using Tableau Server. You will work on organizing dashboards into projects, tag them, choose which worksheets to display and hide. This project includes publishing workbooks containing multiple worksheets, selecting a combination of dashboard and worksheet, ensuring the right accessibility is provided to the right user depending on the job role.

    Produce expert analytics by publishing dashboard on server, anybody can filter, highlight and drill down without any technical proficiency to derive real time business insights.

    Project 2Objective – In this project, you would create a new project in Tableau server as an admin and set project-based permissions for different types of users

Course Fee:
USD 439

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1 - 4 hours / week

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