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CCNP 2015 All-in-One Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant

Course Summary

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    Course Syllabus

    • Welcome! Let's Get Started On Your CCNP Certification!
      • The Upcoming CCNP Changes: What You Need To Know!
      • CCNP ROUTE / SWITCH / TSHOOT Ebook Information
      • $10 CCNA Security Video Boot Camp Offer (Temporary)
    • CCNP SWITCH: STP Fundamentals
      • BPDUs And Root Bridge Election Fundamentals
      • Root Bridge Or Not, Path Costs, and STP Port States
      • STP Timers Lab, Determining Your Root Switch Placement, and More!
      • The "show interface switchport" Command
      • VLAN Fundamentals and Trunking
      • Trunking Troubleshooting, Modes, and Protocols
      • Details, Details, Details!
      • VTP Fundamentals and Configuration
      • Advertisement Types, Options, and Pruning
    • CCNP SWITCH: Advanced STP Features
      • Portfast, UplinkFast, BackboneFast, and BPDU Features
      • UDLD, Loop Guard, Duplex Mismatches, and RSTP Intro
      • RSTP Values and Etherchannel Introduction
      • Configuring and Troubleshooting Etherchannels
      • Etherchannel Load Balancing and Flex Links
    • CCNP SWITCH: Securing the Switches
      • Security Fundamentals, Databases, and Port Security
      • Port Security Labs, Intro To Dot1x Authentication And SPAN
      • The (Many) Details Of SPAN, Intro To DHCP Snooping
      • More DHCP Snooping, ARP Inspection, and IP Source Guard
      • Calling An Audible....
      • Intro To Private VLANs
      • Private VLAN Lab
      • MAC Address Flooding, VLAN Hopping, CDP, Telnet, and SSH!
      • Banners And Best (Client) Practices
    • CCNP SWITCH: Multilayer Switching
      • Multilayer Switching Fundamentals
      • SVI Lab and Intro To Routed Ports
      • Routed Port Lab, Comparison of Routed Ports and SVIs
      • HSRP Fundamentals, Priorities, Defaults, and Load Balancing
      • HSRP Interface Tracking Lab and Tshooting; Intro To VRRP
      • VRRP and GLBP
      • GLBP Lab, Server Load Balancing, and Network Monitoring
      • Intro To SLA, Configuring DHCP On a Cisco MLS or Router
    • CCNP SWITCH: Network Design
      • Network Design and Models
    • CCNP SWITCH: Intro To Voice and Video
      • Intro To Voice and Video
    • CCNP SWITCH: Multicasting
      • Multicasting Fundamentals
      • The Many Modes Of Multicasting
      • Multicasting In Action
    • CCNP SWITCH: Introduction To Wireless
      • Introduction To Wireless
      • Access Points and LWAPP
      • WLAN Controller Tips and Aironet Utilities
    • CCNP SWITCH: Queueing
      • FIFO, WFQ, CBWFQ, and Global Synchronization
      • Custom and Priority Queueing
      • CCNP SWITCH: Bonus Video -- AAA
    • CCNP ROUTE: Routing Fundamentals and Static Routing
      • Distance Vector Fundamentals, RIP-EIGRP Comparison, Admin Distance
      • Static Routes
      • Floating Static Route Lab
    • CCNP ROUTE: EIGRP Fundamentals
      • Theory Review, Configuring EIGRP On a Hub-And-Spoke Network
      • The Variance Command (And More!)
      • Route Summarization - Yea or Nay?
    • CCNP ROUTE: EIGRP Advanced Concepts
      • EIGRP Fundamentals Review, Neighbor Relationships
      • Hello Packets And Secondary Addresses
      • Successors and Feasible Successors
      • EIGRP Admin Distances and Autosummarization Theory
      • Autosummarization and Manual Route Summarization
      • Design Tips And Recommendations
      • Passive Interfaces, Default Route Propagation, and EIGRP
      • Authenticating EIGRP Neighbors
    • CCNP ROUTE: OSPF Fundamentals
      • Intro To OSPF Theory, Designated Routes, and Backup Designated Routers
      • Router ID (RID) Calculation And DR / BDR Election Tips
      • Configuring OSPF On Broadcast And NBMA Networks
      • Configuring OSPF On A Point-To-Point Network
      • Configuring Virtual Links, OSPF - RIP Comparison
      • OSPF Broadcast Networks With 3+ Routers
      • OSPF LSA Review
    • CCNP ROUTE: OSPF Advanced Concepts
      • OSPF Design Guidelines and Multi-Area Config
      • Stub Area Theory And Config
      • Total Stub Areas And NSSAs
      • Area-Based Route Summarization
      • MORE Redistribution And Summarization!
      • Neighbor Authentication
      • BGP Fundamentals and Neighbor Relationships
      • Using Loopbacks For Adjacencies
      • The Joy Of Advertising Routes - And Attributes
      • The Next-Hop-Self Attribute
      • The MED And Local Preference Attributes
      • Changing The Local Preference Attribute
      • Using Route Maps To Change The Local Preference Attribute
      • Changing The Weight Attribute / Intro To Route Aggregation
      • Route Aggregation Options, Synchronization, and Route Reflectors
      • The Joy Of Route Reflectors
      • Prefix Lists
      • Peer Groups And Confederations
      • BGP And Your ISP
    • CCNP ROUTE Remote Connectivity
      • CCNP ROUTE Remote Conn 1 VPN Theory
      • VPN Lab, Part I
      • VPN Lab, Part II
      • GRE Over IPSec
      • Easy VPN Server Theory, Config With SDM
      • PPPoE Theory, DSL Flavors
      • NAT And PAT
      • CCNP ROUTE Remote Conn 8 PAT Discussion Final Video
    • CCNP ROUTE IP Version 6
      • CCNP ROUTE IPV6 1 Intro Theory Interface Identifiers
      • CCNP ROUTE IPV6 2 Anycasts Reserved Addys IPV4 Conversions
      • CCNP ROUTE I Pv 6 3 OSP Fv 3 Theory
      • CCNP ROUTE IPV6 4 OSP Fv 3 Lab
      • CCNP ROUTE I Pv 6 5 OSP Fv 3 From Scratch Lab R2
      • CCNP ROUTE IPV6 6 Transitions Final Video
    • CCNP ROUTE: Route Redistribution And Manipulation
      • Redistribution Rules And EIGRP Lab
      • Redistribution With RIP
      • OSPF Redistribution
      • Routing Loops And Suboptimal Routing As A Result Of Redistribution
      • Changing The Admin Distance With Route Redistribution
      • Changing The AD For One Redistributed Route
      • More EIGRP Redistribution!
      • The Default Information-Originate Command
      • Passive Interfaces, RIP, and EIGRP
      • Passive Interfaces In OSPF
      • Using Distribute-Lists To Control Redistribution
      • Pop Quiz!
      • Distribute-List Lab, Intro To Route Maps
      • Route Map Lab
      • Tagging Lab, PBR Theory
      • Policy-Based Routing And A Final Word
    • CCNP TSHOOT: Models, Methods, And Tools
      • T-Shooting Approaches, Models, and Pings
      • Extended Ping Lab
      • Static Routing And Debugs
      • Traceroute, Show Interface, and Piping
      • Your Network Better Know What Time It Is
      • Intro To NBAR and AutoQoS
    • CCNP TSHOOT: STP Fundamentals And T-Shooting
      • STP Fundamentals and Root Bridge Refresher
      • Path Costs, STP States, and Timers
      • Choosing The Right Root Bridge
      • Load Sharing With The Port Priority Value
      • Building, Destroying, and T-Shooting Etherchannels
      • Advanced STP -- "Fast" and "Guard"{
      • Bonus Lab - Root Guard
      • VLAN and Trunking Refresher
      • Troubleshooting Trunks
      • 2001: A Switch Oddity
      • VTP
    • CCNP TSHOOT: Frame, ARP, and CDP
      • Frame, ARP, and CDP
    • CCNP TSHOOT: Multilayer Switching
      • Theory Refresh
      • SVIs and Routed Ports
      • HSRP Fundamentals and Lab
      • HSRP Advanced Skills and Lab
      • Using An MLS As A DHCP Server
      • Gateway Load Balancing Protocol
      • Intro To Supervisor Redundancy
      • Using Variance With EIGRP - And SIA Routes
      • Variance Labs
      • Subnet's Not Here, Man
      • Debugging and T-Shooting Adjacencies
      • EIGRP Redistribution and Admin Distances (All 3 Of Them!)
      • Stub Routing With EIGRP
      • Fundamentals Refresh
      • Broadcast And NBMA Theory And Labs
      • NBMA Lab Continued, Point-To-Point Network Lab
      • Virtual Links
      • One Broadcast Segment, 3+ Routers
      • Neighbor Authentication
      • Spotting Mismatched Passwords
      • Running Authentication On Virtual Links
      • BGP Troubleshooting
    • CCNP TSHOOT: Route Redistribution
      • Fundamentals And OSPF-RIP Redistribution
      • RIP - OSPF Lab Continued, Suboptimal Routing
      • OSPF - EIGRP Redistribution
    • CCNP TSHOOT: IPv6, NAT, and PAT
      • Fundamentals and Zero Compression Methods
      • Compatible Addresses and Autoconfiguration
      • RIPng and OSPF For IPv6 Theory and Lab
      • Transitioning From IPv4 To IPv6
      • NAT, PAT, and Overloading
    • CCNP TSHOOT: Intro To Voice And Video
      • Intro To Voice T-Shooting
    • CCNP TSHOOT: Intro To Wireless
      • Intro To Wireless T-Shooting
    • CCNP TSHOOT: Multicasting
      • Multicasting And IGMP Refresh
    • CCNP TSHOOT: VPNs and IPSec
      • Intro To VPNs
      • VPN Lab Part 1
      • VPN Lab Conclusion, Crypto Maps
    • CCNP TSHOOT: Network Security
      • Port Security, SPAN, and More!
      • VLAN ACL Theory
      • VLAN ACL Lab, Private VLAN Theory
      • Private VLAN Lab, DHCP Snooping Theory
      • DHCP Snooping Lab
      • ARP, DAI, MAC Attacks, And More!
      • Intro To TACACS and RADIUS
    • MP3 Files
      • CCNP TSHOOT MP3s
      • Ccnp Route Mp3s
      • Ccnp Switch Mp3s

Course Fee:
USD 49

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1 - 4 hours / week

This course is listed under Networks & IT Infrastructure and Telecommunications Community

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