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The Benefits of ISDN30e Phone Lines

Published on 19 February 13
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Analogue telephony has managed to cling onto a significant portion of the market for a surprising amount of time, although a growing number of businesses now look to digital solutions in order to meet their needs.

ISDN30 lines are one such digital option available to developing businesses and there are a variety of benefits offered by this telecoms technology that you should take on board.

To give you an idea of why ISDN30 lines are worthy of investment, here is a brief overview of the advantages, using as little technical jargon as possible.
30 Channels

As the name suggests, ISDN30 lines are able to support up to 30 simultaneous voice channels, which means you can provide telephone extensions for 30 users and allow them to converse with different callers all at the same time.

This is ideal if you are running a small yet growing office, or looking to set up a dedicated call centre that can handle an increasing volume of inbound or outgoing communications.

Audio Quality

It may seem like a relatively minor point in the scheme of things, but the digital technology powering ISDN30 lines is able to deliver improved audio quality, which is crisper and clearer than can be achieved over an analogue connection.

This means your staff will be easier to understand when communicating with customers, which can be important in a sales situation.

Call Handling

When you are working in a digital environment rather than relying on analogue telephony, it becomes much easier to manage the calls that your business receives.

ISDN30 lines can be equipped with comprehensive call handling features that allow you to forward calls, detect the identity of the inbound caller and generally control the way that voice communications are handled throughout the day.
A/V Functionality & Data
Because ISDN30 lines support digital rather than analogue signals, you can also use them to transfer data of different types.

This allows for advanced data calls that support impressive features and even make it possible for you to host video conferencing.

Although the bandwidth of a single ISDN line may not be significant, the multiple channels available to you with ISDN30 lines can be combined to deliver faster data rates and thus support these high-end functions without interruption.


If your business needs constant telephone access to operate normally, then the continuity of your telecoms service will be a top priority. With ISDN30 lines there are plenty of ways to ensure that your company is perpetually contactable that might not be available on a lesser service plan.

Call routing and impressive customer support will mean that the impact of a disaster is minimised and you can continue to field and initiate calls in a variety of adverse circumstances.


Although ISDN30 lines can support up to 30 simultaneous channels, you do not need to provide every single device with the same phone number.

Instead, you can get independent numbers for different devices, which make it easier for those calling your company to get through to the right person.

This is not only convenient and efficient, but makes it easier to market your company through a variety of mediums if you have inbound DDI (direct dial-in) numbers that are suited to the task of attracting business.

As with any ISDN platform, it is possible to expand most packages further to include more lines and up the amount of bandwidth which is available to your business. This flexibility means that most firms will find ISDN30 lines to be a good solution in the short term as well as going forward when circumstances start to change.