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Dirusha Ganapathy
  • Specialisation(s): Life, Career Coaching & Transition Coaching, Youth Development, Women's Empowerment


    When I was awarded “100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals” by the World HRD Congress in Feb 2017, it helped me realise how far I had come in my journey towards success – overcoming my professional struggles, fears and challenges has all been a pertinent part of my achievements. It has certainly not been easy and those experiences taught me so much about myself – what I could’ve done better and the areas I needed to focus on that will eventually lead me to my success. I also learnt that when opportunity knocks, you need to learn to recognise it and that a successful career is largely influenced by one’s choices, openness to change and possibilities, perception, motivation levels, interactions and a deep understanding of self. It also takes determination, perseverance and great willpower to achieve great heights. In July 2017, I received a national award by Careers24 and Future of HR Awards for "HR Leader of the Year."



    I am inspired by transformation, change and development. My passion is influenced by my own personal struggles and challenges and in overcoming them, my aim is to live a purposeful life in giving back to this world by creating value and making a difference in others' lives in apply learnings from my own personal experiences and those from the corporate world.



    As an HR professional, I have coached various levels of individuals across multiple cultures and countries. My methodology and approach is based on years of experience working with different types of individuals and groups within multi-national corporations.

    My passion for People, Change, Development and Transformation culminated in 14 years of HR experience working across multiple cultures, countries, generations and professional levels, where I focused on aligning to Global HR Best practices, HR Transformation and Service Delivery Excellence.

    I specialize in understanding of self in the identification and realisation of one's goals and in supporting positive change and development.

    My training is based on my accreditations in working for multi-national corporations where I attained global exposure working with a diverse mix of groups and individuals.

    My academic qualifications include an undergraduate degree specialising in Industrial Psychology and Public Administration as well as a post-graduate Honours Degree in Psychology.



    In my own personal career, I have progressed from working for free to gain relevant working experience after I graduated, to working in a Global HR transformation project several years later, for one of the largest multi-national IT and Consulting firms in the world – IBM, where I spent the majority of my career. I learnt how to build a career within an ever changing, challenging and high-performance driven environment where I had to understand the importance of adaptability, work-life integration, communication, networking, personal branding and leveraging opportunities, in order to succeed. In the face of adversity, I also learnt that with enough self-motivation, perseverance and confidence, I could get up from a fall and continue to strive towards my goals. Overcoming my struggles taught me so much about myself – my potential, development areas, personal determination and strength.

    I have occupied several professional HR roles and spent half of my career heading up Recruitment, particularly at a regional level for large organisations. During this time, I noticed the challenges that employees face with regards to employability and in being able to build a sustainable career in an environment that is competitive, highly demanding and constantly changing.

    I also spent a large portion of my time addressing one of the most critical challenges in SA – Unemployment, which sits at 27.1%, making it one of the worst in the world. In addressing this pervasive, socio-economic issue, I have worked tirelessly in the areas of Recruitment, Career Coaching, Mentoring & Planning, in developing solutions and programs that address employability and the ability to build a successful career amidst tough times.

    I have done empowerment and self-motivation talks particularly with young individuals in supporting their journey towards personal and professional success.

    I have a background in Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Human Resources, Coaching and Mentoring.

    I am a member of Coaching and Mentors of South Africa, Institute of People Management and South African Career Development Association.


    During my career, I have been consistently recognised for my outstanding contributions. At IBM, I received an award for my contribution to the Global HR transformation project and was also awarded Group Services Excellence Award within African Bank for setting a standard of Excellence within HR and for my impact to the Recruitment environment. In Feb 2017, I was awarded "100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals" by the World HRD Congress and have also been a speaker at the Congress. I have been interviewed by the Economic Times and ABP News regarding my successes within my profession.


    Coaching Approach and Expectations

    As an HR professional and with a background in both Industrial and Clinical Psychology, I apply critical thinking and analyses and adopt a holistic approach to coaching and problem solving that encompasses all associated areas and various topics that may potentially have an impact on one’s career.

    Some of my best strengths and attributes includes the ability to support individuals in establishing better understanding of self, to critically analyse in gaining depth of understanding, to apply conceptual thinking and a holistic view of situations, to apply empathy, understanding and the ability to build great relationships based on trust, respect and good communication.

    As your coach, I will take the time to understand you, your values and your needs in supporting you to create solutions that maximises your potential in whatever the situation may be. As a client, you can expect guidance, expert knowledge and experience, insight, clarity, understanding and to have an open and transparent session that is based on honesty and trust.

    It is likely that you will require more than one session before you can begin to see results and make reasonable changes. Based on this, the first session will be offered at a reduced rate and will be of an exploratory nature – to get to know you, understand where you’re at, your culture and values, explore challenges, career background and expectations. This will help us have a better understanding of the situation so that we can work together on mapping out a plan that is best aligned to your expectations.

    You can also expect to receive support on your career progression, in making informed decisions about your career development, getting noticed in a competitive environment, achieving a better understanding of your situation, working on your limiting beliefs that may be restricting your career opportunities, reducing anxiety and fear and building confidence, to name a few.

    I am interested in building a relationship with you and working together with you in agreeing on solutions that are designed to suit your needs. I apply a high degree of empathy, understanding and compassion during my sessions which I believe is vitally important in the coaching relationship.

    My vision is to empower you to shape their future, to create shifts in your thinking (if required) and to support you to a deeper understanding of yourself in ensuring the achievement of your dreams in ultimately transforming and improving the quality of your life!


    Tag(s): Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Youth Development, Career Transition, Career Assessment, Personal Coaching, CV Review, Interview Coaching, Interview Skills

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IT career coaching is a process in which an experienced coach partners with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

    The process involves

    • Discovering, clarifying, and aligning with what you want to achieve
    • Encouraging self-discovery
    • Eliciting solutions and strategies
    • Putting you in charge of your career

    The process helps you dramatically improve your outlook towards work and life, while improving your leadership skills and unlocking your potential.

    No, IT career coaching is not the same as therapy. Therapy is intended to help people overcome emotional or psychological disorders. IT career coaching, on the other hand, is intended to help IT professionals achieve greater success, satisfaction, and wellbeing in their careers.

    The key is to be willing to share your career experiences, concerns and perspectivesfrankly with your coach. While the coach will help you find your way and guide you along it, remember that it will be you who needs to work on your goals because those goals are yours, and it's you who's trying to improve!

    When you share, you give the coach the opportunity to help you discover where you might be limiting your progress and give you the best, personalised advice.

    So, share your IT career goals and keep an open and willing mind when they make suggestions.

    Not every individual who works with computer technology can build a software application. For that, you need a person who knows how to programme. Similarly to coach an IT enthusiast like you and offer you career advice, we believe that only expert person who understands IT careers and has experience with the nuances of being in IT can do it.. MyTechlogy has more than 100 career coaches to assist you in your career progression.

    We know your career focus areas are very important to you but employers needs keep changing, and that's exactly why we offer you insight driven career advice that is completely personalized to your profile. Our insights are based on global market demand and the career advice is based on real-world experience. You will interact with your career coach in a one-on-one environment, so that you can have a focused and personalised discussion with you coach.

    Each IT career coach is specially chosen by the MyTechlogy team. We look for successful professionals who have a track record - subject matter and industry experts and career coaches who get what you're going through. They're the kind of experts who can give you honest, actionable advice because they've already walked the path themselves. Most importantly, we look for IT experts who are passionate about benefitting others with their expertise, and who are committed to providing a valuable experience every time.

    A professional IT career coach can help you with many types of career challenges. Each of our coaches has his or her own areas of specialty. Some specialize in topics such as cloud computing and infrastructure, cyberSecurity, machine learning, data science and Analytics, others in project management, career transition, resume writing and interview preparation. When you sign up and create your career path you will hear from coaches in our system that specialize in your field of interest.

    You can search for an IT career coach using keywords (skills or technology name), or you can click the handy filters that appear above the search box to ease your search process.
    Every IT career coach has gone through our selection process, so you can choose any coach you prefer. Having said that, it's always a great idea to pick a coach whose background or experience most closely aligns with what you're currently doing or what you want to be doing. Simply filter the IT career coaches by skill at the top of the page, and review the coach profiles and select the one you think would best suit your needs.

    Not at all! In fact, all our coaches conduct their coaching meetings over Skype. Getting the right fit is so important when looking for the right coach, so it’s more important to find one whose training, experience, and background closely match with your specific goals.

    That coachmight be someone who lives in or near your area, or someone in a completely different location. Remember, it's finding the right coach, not the closest coach that matters.

    The coaches set their own rates based on their qualifications and experience, such as their credentials as a coach, the number of years of professional work experience, subject-matter expertise and so on.
    To book a session, go to the coach’s profile you want advice from and click on "Book Now" against the service you want to engage.
    If it's the first time you’re trying our coaching service or if you're going to be working with a new coach, we recommend starting with one session. During your first session, your coach may suggest that you might benefit from additional sessions based on your goals, but accepting them is completely up to you.
    For your safety and security, MyTechlogy currently accepts payments via PayPal. Once you select the service you would like to purchase, you will be prompted to pay for it. You can use your debit/credit card to pay via PayPal.
    If a cancellation request for a paid coaching session is received from the coach before the scheduled appointment date, you will be issued a full refund of your payment for that session. If the coach doesn’t attend a session at the appointed date and time, you will have the option to reschedule the appointment.
    Making a payment confirms your commitment to speak to a coach about your career. We have observed that both, coaching candidates as well as coaches are far more likely to actually attend a coaching meeting when they’re already financially committed to it. We therefore ask that you pay for the session up front so that you and the coach know that both parties are serious and committed to the appointment.
    No, there is no fee to register on MyTechlogy. If you choose to engage the services of any one of our coaches, you will pay for those services only, via PayPal.
    Are you interested in booking an appointment with a coach, but want to speak with that coach first? You will first have to indicate your interest by clicking on “Book Now”. Once you have made the payment for a coaching session, you can post a question to the coach before actually booking an appointment. The coach will receive your question by e-mail and get back to you. You will also receive an email once the coach responds.
    Before you talk with your IT career coach, make sure that you have a couple of learning goals in mind. Make a written note of one to three career challenges or objectives that you want specific feedback and guidance on. An example of a learning goal could be "to get specific feedback on my resume" or "to fine tune my personal elevator pitch" or "to discuss avenues to make a career change."
    Generally, coaches take 24-48 hours to accept booking requests. The amount is held with MyTechlogy until the coaching session is completed. In a few cases it may take a coach longer to accept a request due to their schedule being busy.

    If you do not hear back from a coach within 48 hours of reaching out to them, please confirm that your message was sent. It's possible that your coach did reply but the email ended up in a spam or promotions folder in your email account. You can also see the replies to your messages here.

    To ensure that new messages do not get lost in your spam or junk folders, adjust your email filter settings to allow incoming messages from

    Because spam and junk mail filters may vary from one email application (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, etc.) to another, we recommend that you follow the spam filter settings instructions for your specific email provider.

    If you still haven’t heard back from your coach, let us know at We'll do our best to get in touch with the coach and confirm their availability. In most cases the coach does follow up with the candidate shortly after.

    We understand that it can be frustrating to message a coach and not receive a response right away. We encourage coaches to respond as soon as possible, and even require coaches to reply to new messages within 48 hours. There may be a chance that the coach is temporarily without access to the internet or email and simply cannot respond to you at the moment.

    If you change your mind after your session is confirmed by your coach, you can cancel and reschedule your meeting session. In order to cancel and reschedule a session you will need to log in to your account and go to your appointment status in the My Services page. You can then cancel the current appointment and reschedule it.
    Once a session is completed, we cannot issue a refund unless the coach doesn’t turn up for the scheduled session. In the event that a coach becomes aware that he or she may be unable to attend the session the standard process is that they will attempt to communicate their inability to attend to you in advance and provide you the option of rescheduling the appointment. If you did not receive a communication from the coach before the appointment, please let us know and we will get in touch with the coach to find out what happened.. If a refund is due to you the amount will be refunded to you via PayPal. We do strongly recommend, however, that you first try to express any questions, concerns or comments to your coach. In nearly all cases, your coach will be able to provide a resolution as long as you continue to communicate with them.
    Results may vary from one individual to another. It really depends on the specific nature of coaching sought. That said, if you have set clear learning goals with your coach you should expect to make concrete progress toward them in time. Depending on what your learning goals are, you may want to work with your coach more than once.
    You will be able to leave a review for your coach after you complete your coaching session. Reviews help other IT professionals choose the best coach for their needs, so be sure to leave your coach a review to share how your experience went. The link to leave a review will be enabled next to your appointment details on your My Services page.

    Are you a practicing IT professional with several years of experience and a deep understanding of the state of industry demand and trends in distinct areas of information technology?

    Do you have previous experience in coaching, training or mentoring sub-ordinates or other IT professionals or IT aspirants?

    Do you have a sincere, helpful attitude towards giving back to the IT community and would genuinely like to make a difference to other members of the IT professional fraternity by using your understanding of the industry and experience to help guide them?

    If you do, we would like to hear from you. Please click here to let us know. Our team will review your input and get back to you.

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    Finalist at SiTF Awards 2014 under the category Best Social & Community Product
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