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Testing Training (ETL, Selenium, Software, Hadoop) - Combo Course

Course Summary

Our testing training master program lets you gain proficiency in manual, automated Selenium, ETL and Hadoop testing in a comprehensive manner. You will work on real world projects related to software testing tools and techniques, ETL testing lifecycle, automated testing with Selenium, Selenium IDE, Eclipse TestNG plugin, Hadoop platform, MRUnit testing.

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    Course Syllabus

    ETL Testing Course Content

    ETL Testing Overview

    Introduction to ETL testing, life cycle of ETL Testing, database concepts, ETL in Business Intelligence, understanding the difference between OLTP and OLAP, data warehousing.Hands-on Exercise – Create OLTP and OLAP database

    Database Testing and Data Warehousing Testing

    Introduction to RDBMS, Relational database concepts, distinction between database and data warehousing testing, integrity constraints.Hands-on Exercise – how to test data warehousing testing, integrity constraints

    ETL Testing Scenarios

    The data warehouse workflow, ETL Testing scenarios, ETL Mapping, Data Warehouse Testing, Data Mismatch & Data Loss Testing.Hands-on Exercise – Create a data warehouse workflow, Create ETL Mapping

    Correctness, Completeness, Quality, Data Validation

    Introduction to various testing scenarios, structure validation, constraint validation, data correctness, completeness, quality, data validation, negative testing.Hands-on Exercise – Create tests as per testing scenarios, Validate structure of the software, Do constraint validation, Check data correctness and completeness, Validate data, Perform negative testing

    Data Checks with SQL

    Using SQL for checking data, understanding database structure, working with SQL ScriptsHands-on Exercise – Write SQL Scripts for checking data

    Reports & Cube testing

    Reports and Cube Testing, scope of Business Intelligence Testing.Hands-on Exercise – Identify ETL testing Scope-Generate Reports, Test Cubes

    Selenium Course Content

    Getting started with Selenium
    Introduction to Selenium testing, understanding significance of automation testing, benefits of Selenium automation testing, comparison of Selenium and Quick Test Professional
    Selenium Features
    Understanding the Selenium Integrated Development Environment, the concept of Selenium Remote Control, working with Selenium Grid, Selenium Web Grid
    Deep Dive into Selenium IDE
    Detailed understanding of the Selenium IDE features, addition of script assertions, General Selenese commands, deploying the first Selenium Script and Options, IDE Test Suite, sample project IDE, recording Selenium test case, Selenium limitations.Hands-on Exercise – Record a test case, Execute First test case
    Selenium Web driver Automation
    The basic Architecture of Selenium Web Driver, download and installation, creating a Java function and executingHands-on Exercise – Install selenium web driver
    Fire Path Installation
    Deploying Web Drivers for scripting, getting the HTML source of Web Element, Table and Form Elements, Firebug extension and Fire Path installation.Hands-on Exercise – Set up a Grid
    Searching Elements
    Locator, Locator-ID, Deploying searching elements using the link text, name, using XPath, searching elements using CSS and Web Element PropertiesHands-on Exercise – Deploy searching elements using the link text, using name, using XPath, Search elements using CSS and Web Element Properties
    Advance User Interactions and Cross Browser Testing
    Working with Advanced User Interactions, understanding the various features like Drag and Drop, Double Click, Keys and Context, deploying Cross Browser Testing using Web Driver, Executing tests in Chrome and Firefox.Hands-on Exercise – Deploy and execute a test case for Chrome, Deploy and execute a test case for Firefox
    Introduction to TestNG Plugin
    Installation of TestNG Plugin in Eclipse, TestNG sample script, understanding Selenium test script writing, TestNG test suites creation, html and xml report generation using TestNGHands-on Exercise – Install TestNG plugin in Eclipse, Write a TestNG script and execute, Generate an html report, Generate an xml report
    TestNG Terminologies
    Annotations, Parameters, Groups- Include and Exclude, Test Result, Data ProvidersHands-on Exercise – Mark annotation Group test results
    TestNg Data Providers
    TestNg Data Providers, Screenshot on failed Test cases, Wait statements of Web Driver, Wait in Selenium, Explicit wait, Implicit wait, Fluent wait, PageLoad TimeoutHands-on Exercise – Capture screenshot on a failed test case Setup wait timeout to wait for page load before resuming test execution
    Maven Integration
    Introduction to Maven, Maven Usage, Configuring Maven with Eclipse, Taking automatic updates, running tests in Maven, Creating POM.xml file
    Maven Integration Tool
    Maven Integration Tool
    Web Driver Sample Programs
    Learn to work with text box, button, link, checkbox, drop down and radio button, Selecting and Displaying Values, Writing all values in Notepad/Excel/WordPad, Capturing screenshot (positive), On Load Alerts, Scroll down Page in JavaScript’s, HTML Unit driver, Managing Multiple Windows and AJAX Auto suggestions, Managing Web TablesHands-on Exercise – Use text box, button, checkbox, drop down, radio buttons, display views, Capture screenshot, Manage web tables
    JUNIT Operations and Test Framework
    Annotations in JUNIT, Methods in JUNIT, JUNIT Test Suites, ANT Build and JUNIT reporting, Test Framework, Data driven framework, Keyword driven framework, Hybrid framework, Execution of Test case from Test FrameworkHands-on Exercise – Load an excel file, Execute a test case using Data driven framework, Execute a test case using Keyword driven framework
    Object Repository
    Understanding of Object Repository, using OR in Scripts, learning sample scripts using object repository, Page Object Modeling, Page FactoryHands-on Exercise – Using OR in scripts, Implement POM
    Test Data Management
    Test Data ManagementHands-on Exercise – Load an excel file, Execute a test case using Data driven framework, Execute a test case using Keyword driven framework
    Selenium Grid Concept
    Selenium Grid Overview, Executing single script in different browsers and different scripts in different browsersHands-on Exercise – Set up a Grid
    Mobile App Testing using Appium
    UI Automator Framework in Appium, Locating elements in android app using UI Automator view, Automation testing for Android appsHands-on Exercise – Write a test case using UIAutomator for an Android app

    Software Testing Course Content

    Introduction to Software Testing

    Testing History, Testing description, Need for testing, Defect description, principles of Testing, Quality Assurance and control, Scope, Occurrence of Testing, Constraints of Testing, Software Tester Roles, SDLC Overview, Life Cycle models, STLC Overview, AGILE Testing

    Test Planning

    Test Strategy and Planning, Customizing Test Process, Budgeting Overview, Scheduling, Risk and configuration managementHands-on Exercise – Make planning to test a product and define test strategy for the same, Plan a dummy budget allocation

    Design of Testing

    Test Scenarios, cases and Data, Test Case and Scenario Difference, Test Case creation for application, Traceability Matrix and Sample descriptionHands-on Exercise – Create Test Cases for an application, Create Traceability Matrix, Perform sample testing

    Techniques of testing

    Dynamic Techniques:

    Black-box or Specification-based techniques, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Table Testing, Equivalence Partitioning

    Experience-based techniques:

    Error Guessing, Exploratory Testing

    Static Techniques:

    Importance of STLC reviews, Review Activities, Roles and Responsibilities during ReviewHands-on Exercise – Do a Black-box or Specification-based testing, Perform Boundary Value Analysis, Test using Decision Table, Make a team of at least two people and do Review Activities of STLC

    Levels & Types of Testing

    Levels of Testing:

    Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing

    Types of Testing:

    Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Database Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing, Security Testing, Volume Testing, Stress Testing, Usability testing, Internationalization Testing, Localization TestingHands-on Exercise – Perform User Acceptance Testing based on requirements spec

    Executing test

    Overview on Build and Release, Release Notes, Pre QA Checklist, Entry and Exit criteria, Test Execution, Hands onHands-on Exercise – Write a typical Release Note, Make a QA Checklist

    Managing Defect

    Defect Prevention, Defect Discovery, Defect Life Cycle, Severity and Priority, Overview on RCA, Hands on Identify and log Defects, Bugzilla Tool – Hands onHands-on Exercise – Identify log Defects, Use Bugzilla Tool to log a defect and apply different stages of a bug (open, fixed, close etc)

    Team Collaboration & Reporting

    Test Status Reports, Test Closure Reports, Tester and Developer, Team Collaboration, Client Interaction, Onshore/Offshore Model, Mitigate current challengesHands-on Exercise – Write Test Status Report, Write a Test Closure Report

    Measurement & Metrics

    Overview on Metrics & Measurements, Test Metrics Benefits, Life Cycle of Metrics, Test Metrics typesHands-on Exercise – Write Test Metrics

    Testing Tools & FAQs

    Need for Automation, Overview of Different Automation Tools – QTP and Selenium, Quality Center Overview, FAQsHands-on Exercise – Use an Automation Tool (QTP or Selenium or Quality Center)

    Hadoop Testing Course Content

    Introduction to Hadoop and its Ecosystem, MapReduce and HDFS

    Introduction to Hadoop and its constituent ecosystem, understanding MapReduce and HDFS,

    Big Data, Factors constituting Big Data, Hadoop and Hadoop Ecosystem, Map Reduce -Concepts of Map, Reduce, Ordering, Concurrency, Shuffle, Reducing, Concurrency, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Concepts and its Importance, Deep Dive in Map Reduce – Execution Framework, Partitioner, Combiner, Data Types, Key pairs, HDFS Deep Dive – Architecture, Data Replication, Name Node, Data Node, Data Flow, Parallel Copying with DISTCP, Hadoop Archives

    Hands on Exercises

    Installing Hadoop in Pseudo Distributed Mode, Understanding Important configuration files, their Properties and Demon Threads, Accessing HDFS from Command Line, Map Reduce – Basic Exercises, Understanding Hadoop Eco-system, Introduction to Sqoop, use cases and Installation, Introduction to Hive, use cases and Installation, Introduction to Pig, use cases and Installation, Introduction to Oozie, use cases and Installation, Introduction to Flume, use cases and Installation, Introduction to Yarn, Mini Project – Importing Mysql Data using Sqoop and Querying it using Hive


    How to develop Map Reduce Application, writing unit test, Best Practices for developing and writing, Debugging Map Reduce applications

    Introduction to Pig & its features

    What Is Pig?, Pig’s Features, Pig Use Cases, Interacting with Pig, Basic Data Analysis with Pig, Pig Latin Syntax, Loading Data, Simple Data Types, Field Definitions, Data Output, Viewing the Schema, Filtering and Sorting Data, Commonly-Used Functions, Hands-On Exercise: Using Pig for ETL Processing

    Introduction to Hive

    What Is Hive?, Hive Schema and Data Storage, Comparing Hive to Traditional Databases, Hive vs. Pig, Hive Use Cases, Interacting with Hive, Relational Data Analysis with Hive, Hive Databases and Tables, Basic HiveQL Syntax, Data Types, Joining Data Sets, Common Built-in Functions, Hands-On Exercise: Running Hive Queries on the Shell, Scripts, and Hue

    Hadoop Stack Integration Testing

    Why Hadoop testing is important, Unit testing, Integration testing, Performance testing, Diagnostics, Nightly QA test, Benchmark and end to end tests, Functional testing, Release certification testing, Security testing, Scalability Testing, Commissioning and Decommissioning of Data Nodes Testing, Reliability testing, Release testing

    Roles and Responsibilities of Hadoop Testing

    Understanding the Requirement, preparation of the Testing Estimation, Test Cases, Test Data, Test bed creation, Test Execution, Defect Reporting, Defect Retest, Daily Status report delivery, Test completion., ETL testing at every stage (HDFS, HIVE, HBASE) while loading the input (logs/files/records etc) using sqoop/flume which includes but not limited to data verification, Reconciliation., User Authorization and Authentication testing (Groups, Users, Privileges etc), Report defects to the development team or manager and driving them to closure., Consolidate all the defects and create defect reports., Validating new feature and issues in Core Hadoop.

    Framework called MR Unit for Testing of MapReduce Programs

    Report defects to the development team or manager and driving them to closure, Consolidate all the defects and create defect reports, Validating new feature and issues in Core Hadoop, Responsible for creating a testing Framework called MR Unit for testing of MapReduce programs.

    Unit Testing

    Automation testing using the OOZIE, Data validation using the query surge tool.

    Test Execution of Hadoop _customized

    Test plan for HDFS upgrade, Test automation and result

    Test Plan Strategy Test Cases of Hadoop Testing

    How to test install and configure.

    ETL Testing Project

    Project – TestingCube

    Data – Sales

    Topics– This ETL testing project will provide you with hands-on experience in testing of a multidimensional cube of sales data that includes sales for five years for multiple products. Some of the steps you will be performing in the testing of the cube are validating the dimensions and connections, selecting and matching the data, verifying the dimension hierarchies, validating measures in association with dimension attributes, matching with external interface specification file data and so on.

    Selenium Projects
    Project 1 – JUnit Test CaseObjective– This is a hands-on project that includes working with the JUnit test case and deploying it for working on a specific site using a search engine. You will extensively compare the testing methods of TestNG and JUnit by working with both to understand the differences. This project includes integrating JUnit test case with the Apache Ant Tool which is an automation tool for building software. Work with Rational Quality Manager in JUnit, write Java codes for Selenium Web Driver testing application
    Project 2 :- Testing the website using Selenium WebdriverObjective – To test websites using Selenium webdriverRequirements:- Write Selenium scripts to:
    • Test the login screen with username and password
    • Test online widgets like date pickers, tabs, sliders
    • Test interactive actions like draggable, resizable, selectable etc
    • Test the filling up of registration form and submission
    • Test frames and windows
    • Test drop-down menus, alert boxes
    Prerequisites : Basic Java programming skillProblem Statement : Testing websites for various functionalities is a tedious task. Writing right test programs is the first step in that direction. How can we test our own programs using demo websites?
    Project 3 :- Record and play back tests in the actual environment using Selenium IDEObjective – Use Selenium IDE, which is implemented as a Firefox extension, to record and play back tests in the actual environmentRequirements : Write Selenium scripts to:
    • Record and playback an activity
    • Use Intelligent field selection feature to use IDs, names, or XPath
    • Use Autocomplete for common Selenium commands
    • Debug and set breakpoints in the code
    • Save tests as HTML file
    • Perform automatically assert the title of every page
    • Add new functionality to the API
    • Apply custom formats and export capabilities
    Project 4 :- Selenium Remote Control (RC) testing toolObjective – Write automated web application UI tests against any HTTP website using a JavaScript-enabled browser using Selenium Remote Control (RC) testing toolRequirements :
    • Use the RC server to automatically launch and kill browsers
    • Use client libraries for your favorite computer language
    • Write tests in your favourite programming language using Selenium Remote Control for testing complex AJAX-based web user interfaces under a Continuous Integration system
    Prerequisites : Any programming languageLab Environment :-
    • Selenium IDE
    • Chrome browser setup with Selenium driver
    • IE browser setup with Selenium driver
    • FireFox browser doesn’t need extra configuration
    Software Testing Project

    Project – Sign Up Test Case

    Topics – This is project for testing of a typical signup case which is so typical of major websites like ecommerce, or even a B2B services website. You will deploy the tools needed in order to do the testing of this sign up page to detect the bugs or anomalies and check it rigorously for various test case scenarios and come up with a detailed result of the particular testing in this project.

    Hadoop Testing Project

    Project Work

    Project 1 – Working with MapReduce, Hive, Sqoop

    Problem Statement– It describes that how to import MySQL data using Sqoop and querying it using hive and also describes how to run the word count MapReduce job.

    Project 2 – Hadoop Testing using MR

    Problem Statement – It describes how to test MapReduce codes with MR unit.

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USD 488

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1 - 4 hours / week

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